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Zero Emission Transit Passenger Van

The Lightning ZEV3 Transit passenger van
is equipped with a state-of-the-art electric
drivetrain which delivers the best efficiency
of any vehicle in its weight class, while providing a quiet, smooth and familiar driving experience that your drivers – and passengers – will love.

ZEV Passenger Van

In use with fleets across North America for micro-transit and shuttle services, the passenger van is reliable and efficient. Available in battery-electric versions offering 140-mile and 200- mile ranges, this van provides practical, reliable service while producing zero emissions on the road. Charging is simple and quick, with both Level 2 AC charging and DC Fast Charge supported.

We use industry-proven components including

thermally-man- aged battery packs which deliver

the best range, efficiency and lifetime of any batteries

in the market.


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benefits of using ZEV Passenger Van
Specifications of ZEV Passenger Van
Digital dashboard

Digital dashboard provides all the information the driver needs.

Real time reporting console portal
Real time reporting console portal

Real-time and time- summarized data on the performance of your EV fleet, as well as charger and energy management.

Compliance with Buy America Federal Transit Administration
Compliance with Buy America Federal Transit Administration
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