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CleanGENTM J250
Zero Emission Power Generator

CleanGen is an environmentally friendly mobile power solution that is designed to power equipment and critical loads - wherever it's needed. Providing 250kWh battery capacity, the system provides clean, uninterrupted power, free of distortions and fluctuations - all without emitting harmful CO2into the atmosphere.


Help the environment while reducing fueling, set-up, maintenance and labor costs.

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Carbon emissions saved per generator:

• 4,802 Ib or 2,178 kg per week
• 240,099 Ib or 108,907 kg per year


Diesel fuel saved annually:
• 10,800 gallons (~$5.00USD/gal.): $54,000 USD or;

• 40,882 litres (~2.15CAD/L): $87,896 CAD


Estimate based on 135 kW generator running at 1/2 load, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, 50 weeks per year.


Rented at a premium, customers have realized a 100% ROl in 22 months.
The lithium iron phosphate batteries have a lifespan of approximately 5000 cycles under nominal conditions, which means you can discharge ~80% and recharge the batteries every day for over 13 years.


  • Environmentally friendly. Emits no operational CO

  • Reduced generator operating costs. No more expensive fossil fuel.

  • Reduced labour. Because there's no noise and harmful byproducts being given off, CleanGen can be parked close to the required load reducing the need for long cable runs and the costs associated.

  • Recharge batteries anywhere EVs do. Use CleanGens dual 240VAC EV charging ports to recharge batteries at any EV charging station.

  • Continuous, uninterrupted power. Drawing on instantaneous battery power, CleanGen provides clean, uninterrupted power helping to mitigate the risk of dropping the load.

  • Maintenance free. No active maintenance require. Just charge and discharge

  • Recharge CleanGen - without disconnecting. CleanGen can be daisy chained indefinitely providing power to recharge the main battery, provide power to the

  • load, or both.


CleanGEN vs. Diesel Generator Summary:

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  • Significant CO2 emissions

  • Maintenance every 250-1000 hours

  • Long cable runs due to noise/vibration

  • Operates best at higher loads (avoid wet stacking)

  • Bring fuel to generator Variable power quality

  • Challenges with high 3 phase imbalanced loads

  • Operationally high cost per kW



  • No operational CO2 emissions

  • No active maintenance

  • Short cable runs

  • Can operate at any load with similar efficency without degradation

  • Take CleanGen to recharge station Clean power free of distortion Supports 100% imbalanced loads Operationally low cost per kW

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