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Rivian R1S

Explore the places you love with the people you love. It’s time to make some memories.

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Drive through 3+ feet of water. Rock crawl a 100% grade. Traverse just about any terrain with 14.9 inches of ground clearance. Tow up to 7,700 lbs. With a 0–60 mph time as quick as 3 seconds, it also delivers the on-road handling of a sports car.¹

Many drive modes. One R1S.

Set your R1S for a smooth ride around town or put it in Off-Road mode for the trail. Drive modes adjust things like ride height, suspension and more to optimize for your driving preferences and different terrain conditions.


From city streets to far-off trails, explore all types of terrain through all kinds of weather. Whatever adventure means to you, R1S is ready for it.

A completely connected vehicle.

The R1S is designed to be a fully connected experience, with in-vehicle software and app working together to help you get where you’re going safely and comfortably.

Easy charging along the way.

When you’re out and about, 20 minutes at a fast charger can add enough range to drive about 140 miles. Every Rivian vehicle features a CCS plug so you can charge with any public charging network, as well as our ever-growing Rivian Adventure Network.


The R1S is available with three AWD drive systems: Dual-Motor, Performance Dual-Motor and Quad-Motor. All three deliver exceptional performance, both on-road and off. Based on the drive system and battery pack you choose, you’ll get an estimated 260–390 miles of range.¹

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