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Vehicle Charging Station

Our L2D2TM vehicle charging station enables the use of studio generators and grid power sources to utilize vehicle and equipment chargers.
This unit is equipped with two 80-amp Level 2 Chargers,
two 50- amp sockets for smaller level 2 chargers and six 20-amp Edison outlets to charge battery operated equipment, such as Portable Electric 5K’s. The Vehicle charging speed 19.2 kW. Telematic data is available fro ESG reporting.

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Camlock Male 16 Series Panel Mounts 120v/240v (Red, Blue, White) Camlock Female 16 Series Panel Mount (Ground Green)


2x 80-amp Level 2 Vehicle Charger
2x 14-50R Outlets
6x L14-20R (Edison) Weather Resistant Outlets


All Steel Construction
Access Door with Breaker Viewing Window Protective Caps on 50-amp Outlets
Tamper and Weather Resistant Edison Outlets Weather Resistant Construction
UL Listed Components
Made in California, USA

This equipment should only be operated by qualified personnel, such as gennie operator or ACLT. If this unit is used at full capacity the amperage draw could exceed 350 amps. It is the operator’s responsibility to match the correct feeder cable gauge and generator output.

***To use all outputs simultaneously it is recommended to use 4/0 feeder cable and a power source with a minimum output rating of 168kw or 1400A***

1. Ensure you are in an area that is not accessible to the public.
2. Disconnect all outputs before connecting power to unit.
3. Connect the ground (Green) camlock first, then, Neutral (White) and finally both Line In cables
(Red, Blue)
4. Turn on the breaker that matches the outputs you would like to use.
5. If you find that a breaker has tripped multiple times, ensure that the equipment you are using is
rated for the correct amperage. If the breaker continues to trip, discontinue the use of the
equipment immediately and return it for repair.
6. After you have energized the 80-amp Vehicle Chargers (by turning on the 80-amp breaker) wait about 30 seconds to plug into vehicle. For more instruction on the use of 80-amp vehicle chargers, please contact
7. The additional 50-amp outlets are intended to be used with level 1 or 2 portable vehicle chargers
not exceeding a maximum of 50 amps each.
8. The six Edison outlets can but used to charge multiple pieces of battery powered equipment (i.e. Voltstack 5k or similar). Each outlet has a maximum output of 20 amps.
9. When equipment is no longer in use, disconnect main chargers from vehicles, disconnect all
power cords from outlets and shut off breakers.
10. Camlocks should be disconnected in reverse order. Disconnect the two Line In cables first (Red,
Blue) then Neutral (White) and finally Ground (Green)

**This unit may be operated continuously at full marked output; however, power supply capability and conductor maximum ampacity must be respected. **

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