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Mobile FAST DC 50
. Durable. Portable.

With durable and portable design, the Heliox Mobile DC charger is built with the daily activities of service and maintenance personnel in mind. And with no fixed installation required, you’ll save thousands on infrastructure costs as well.

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Manufactured and tested in the United States ensuring Buy America Act compliance.

Perfect for getting started with EV or scaling up. Simply connect to a 480V AC wall socket and start charging.

With a compact design and no fixed installation, Mobile 50 can be moved to charge anywhere it can be plugged in.


A strong metal casing and wheel system means Mobile 50 kW stands up to daily wear and tear in ways other portable chargers simply cannot. And with a NEMA 3R rated enclosure, Mobile can be safely operated both indoors and outside.



The Mobile 50 kW is the perfect EV charging companion, now and in the future. No matter what direction your business is headed, this charger will always be by your side, providing reliable charging when and where you need it.


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One charger, three settings.

Raise or lower your charger input with the turn of a dial, enabling you to activate sessions in situations where power supply may be limited.

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