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BYD Class 8

BYD's all new class 8 battery-electric refuse truck is the first of its kind designed and built by an original equipment manufacturer in North America.

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The BYD 8TT’s core technologies include state-of-the-art batteries, controls and motors. These core technologies are designed, tested and built by BYD as an integrated system. This allows the BYD 8TT to achieve the highest levels of performance, endurance and reliability. BYD electric trucks are clean and quiet, with fewer moving parts than carbon-burning trucks. With fewer vibrations than conventional vehicles, the BYD trucks provide the operator with a better driving experience.


BYD software optimizes power and torque for superior performance in heavy-duty applications. Combined with BYD’s advanced battery chemistry, the BYD 8TT holds more than enough energy to work the entire day with true zero-emissions.


BYD’s lithium iron phosphate batteries are the industry’s safest, longest-lasting and most versatile power source. Founded as a battery company in 1995, BYD is now one of the world’s largest battery manufacturers.


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